new Q Acoustics A1240S Subwoofer

A 1240 Subwoofer

300 watt active subwoofer with a 300 mm driver and signal sensing for automatic power on/off. All the passive speakers are bi-wireable with the exception of the A1010 and A100C.

All The loudspeakers may be operated close to TV monitors with no ill- effects with the exception of the A1000S/1240S , which should not be operated within 500mm of TV screens monitors or other magnetically sensitive equipment. plasma and lcd screens are unaffected. Before making any connections to your loudspeakers make sure that all active units in your system are switched off at the mains . When switching on your sound system or changing input sources, set the main volume control at a low level. turn up the level gradually. NEVER play your sound system at full volume. The position of the volume control is deceptive and does no indicate the power level of the system. using very high volume setting may damage your hearing.


A1240S Active Subwoofer :
Enclosure Type : Ported
Bass unit ( mm ) : 300 mm long throw
Amplifier power : 300 watts
Crossover frequency : 50Hz - 150 Hz (var.)
Cabinet dimensions (HxDxW mm) : 450 x 410 x 386

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Q Acoustics A1240S Subwoofer

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