Mixer Yamaha MGP12X Original

Yamaha MGP12X Analog Mixer
"D-Pre" preamp mikrofon kelas A & Xpressive EQ dari teknologi VCM Yamaha
Kompressor 1 kenop dengan indikator LED
Efek digital dual prosesor
Hybrid Channel Stereo
Sambungan digital ke iPod/iPhone
Chassis dari metal yang kuat dan tahan banting
Input daya internal yang Universal
6 input mik dengan Phantom Power 48v di tiap channelnya
12 Input Line (4 mono dan 4 stereo)
2 AUX Sends + 2 FX Sends
4 GROUP Buses + ST Bus

Yamaha MGP12X Analog Mixer
When it comes to audio engineering and sound reinforcement, the verdict is in—nothing beats the warmth and musicality of analog sound. By incorporating state-of-the-art digital technologies into the development process of our premium professional analog equipment, the MGP is the next step in the evolution of compact professional mixers

The MGP is the realization of a new approach towards the utilization of digital technologies in a mixer, offering simple, analog-style control of sophisticated DSP functions. One of the most compelling features of analog gear is the direct, hands-on, intuitive operation that unites the operator with the console. The MGP design sought to keep this feel consistent throughout the design to offer a wealth of functionality, yet with a simple, familiar touch.

Class A “D-PRE” Mic Preamps & X-pressive EQ from VCM Technology
1-knob Compressors with LED Indicators
Dual Digital Effects Processors
Stereo Hybrid Channels
Digital Connectivity for iPod/iPhone
Rugged & Impact-resistant Metal Chassis
Internal Universal Power Supply for World-wide Use
6 Mic Inputs with 48V Phantom Power per Channel
12 Line Inputs (4 mono and 4 stereo)
2 AUX Sends + 2 FX Sends
4 GROUP Buses + ST Bus

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Mixer Yamaha MGP12X Original

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